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Contingent Workforce Management Software

The executives we hear from daily tell an all-too-familiar story. Their new Recruiting Management System implementation, has yet to deliver on its promised value – value that's critical in this economy.
They can see their Contingent Workforce Management Software project is limping forward, but advances are slim, and it seems like every day is a struggle with:

  • Slipped project deadlines, missed milestones and budget overruns;
  • Low user adoption rates causing missed opportunities for increased efficiency and productivity;
  • CRM processes and systems that fail to align with their business's strategy and objectives.

Link2consult's web-based, hosted application provides a solution to precisely the challenges that many companies experience. Link2consult provides our clients overcome these challenges. We apply operational expertise from successful, real-world deployments to help you drive your Recruiting Management System projects to productivity and profitability. To name just a few examples, we have:

  • Guided a leading global corporation through a complex conversion to a more agile, effective Link2consult Contingent Workforce Management Software;
  • Performed the fastest large-scale, complex Recruiting Management System upgrade on record for a leading corporation;
  • Helped a billion-dollar corporation enable strong configure-to-order and multi-national Recruiting Management System capabilities with Link2consult web-based, hosted application platform.

Regardless of size and industry, customers who use our services regularly see:

  • Significant reduction in Recruiting Management System deployment and business operating costs;
  • Productivity and efficiency increases across the board;
  • Rapid realization of their Recruiting Management System initiative's crucial business benefit.

Link2consult streamlines the Procurement and Management of the Supplemental Workforce.  The procurement and management of skilled consultants is a vital part of your company’s success. An efficient procurement process requires close collaboration among you, your suppliers, and contractors, plus the administration of multiple events and complex business procedures throughout the term of each contract.

Link2consult's web-based, hosted application provides automation and workflow to the entire procurement process. Participants gain 24/7 online access to all documents and communication; both vendors and clients benefit from instant notification and individual control over the chain of events.

Clients easily customize Link2consult's hosted Web site to be your center for all staffing procurement activity. Link2consult's software accesses work areas to create documents and retrieve data from one place on the Internet.

Clients can easily track and sort requisitions in this Link2consult members’ view. When vendors submit candidates to a REQ, retrieve and review profiles here.

Value-added services, such as skills testing and background checks, are offered through partnerships with TeckChek and Avert.

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