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Talent Management System

The pace of globalization has accelerated, an increasing number of firms have extended their operations internationally having profound effects on the structure and performance of the organization as a whole. Link2consult talent acquisition software simplifys the publishing of requirements.  Create new staffing requisitions, using predefined templates, and publish to one or more specialty vendors according to pre-configured rules. Link2consult simultaneously notifies all applicable vendors via email and enables them to submit profiles for their best candidates.

For some firms, these criteria are laid out formally in company documents, while for others, they reside in the tacit knowledge of upper management. Collaborate using one centralized website.  Forget about phone tag. Link2consult provides email notification of every event and automates a variety of internal processes including multiple approvals, contract negotiation, and more.

Screen candidates and test skills.  Avoid having to sift through piles of resumes.  Link2consult enables hiring managers to specify unique selection criteria for each position through the use of required skills exams and background checks. Results for all candidates can then be reviewed online and matched with bill rates.

Streamline time and billing processes.  The submission and approval of web-based timesheets and expense reports reduce costs for both clients and staffing suppliers.  Consolidated invoicing with links to projects and cost centers helps clients better manage internal accounting as well as all aspects of contractor billing.

Evaluate vendor performance.  Perform straightforward vendor analysis and comparisons. Compare billing rates, markup percentages, candidate quality, and general responsiveness to requisition postings. 

Complete Security
Each user within the system accesses and controls information based defined roles and specific authorizations. Proprietary data is never shared

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